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Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Buh Bye

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Monday, December 18, 2006

The Year In Rearview

What am I thinking of right now? I'm thinking that objects in the mirror are closer than they appear. We have moved past 2006. 2005, 2004... all the "Busch" years.

Now when the press speaks people go "Yeah, right". I'm thinking that a lot of people have now experienced what I experienced when the press conspired(?) to eliminate anti-war Howard Dean from the primaries. (You know, he really did himself in...) Well, the press lied about that moment. They created a negative from what might just as easily have been a positive and they drove it into the nation's consciousness.

So here we are, discussing a "way forward", which is total bullshit. Lots of people who know are declaring Iraq a disaster of epic proportions, yet the press is treating the issue as something in doubt, a war still "winable". The public has expressed their opinion on this- back in November. Still, the press cranks out the propaganda- resolutely, Busch seeks a way forward.

So this week's prayerful answer comes in the form of a "surge" of troops in Iraq. This "surge" of troops will somehow turn things around there, give us a "win" or at least a respectable way to exit. Oddly enough, the American people do not think that this is a viable answer to our problems there.

So, here is the relevant information from the latest (Dec. 15-17) CNN poll-

17. Here are four different plans the U.S. could follow in dealing with the war in Iraq. Which one do you prefer-

withdraw all troops from Iraq immediately
withdraw all troops by December, 2007- that is, in 12 months time
withdraw troops, but take as many years to do this as are needed to turn control over to the Iraqis
send more troops to Iraq?

Immediately 21%
12 months' time 33%
As many years as needed 32%
Send more troops 11%
No opinion 3%

Yup, the only option with less support than sending more troops is "undecided"- which, at a mere 3%, represents the tiny little portion of the American people who live underground, in caves.

Yet, do the press cite these poll results in their coverage of the war? Nah! That might interfere with the great story of how we are winning the war in Iraq!

Wednesday, December 13, 2006

650,000 Dead Iraqis

As in, real dead. That Lancet report got lost in the shuffle of the elections, didn't it? First its results were termed "ridiculous" (Con-Speak for "absolutely true"), called into question on numerous occasions, then forgotten. But hey, look, there was a little congressional hearing about this recently. Funny, I didn't hear anything about this in the news...

Friday, December 08, 2006

Oh... You Mean THAT Oil?

Lots of discussion about the sham which is the Iraq Study Group report. It's essentially a stalling tactic- the latest in a series.

Bipartisian is the word used by our liberal media to describe this group. Vested interests might be a better one...

My Lord and Leige

Here's some light Friday reading for you- What Is Conservatism, and What Is Wrong With It? by Phil Agre.

Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Shameful Withdrawal Starting Now

CNN has an article asking what "we" think is the right approach on Iraq. The responses are pretty wild. Here's mine.

"The only valid thing to to is to immediately remove from power those who led us into this war. Once we have demonstrated our belief in justice and our sincere wish for peace in the region, we may begin to withdraw our troops and to compensate the people of Iraq for our invasion of their country. The Baker report is nothing but cover for our continued occupation of Iraq and for the continued exploitation of their resources. I don't expect to see any change in course."

I don't think they'll print this, for some reason.

Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Busch Administration? It's Corruptdillyitious!

Over at the Muckraker they're makin' a list. My "deck of 52" included Republicans at all levels of government, but this list is a Federal case.

Sunday, December 03, 2006

So Popular!

In my last post I about bust out laughing when Busch claims that the Iraqis want us to help them be free, or something.

Here's the reason why- "The survey by much-respected World Public Opinion (WPO), taken in September, found that 74% of Shiites and 91% of Sunnis in Iraq want us to leave within a year."

Did you know this already? Has this been reported on the news? I don't know, I don't watch network news.

But the fact is, there is not a shred of truth to the claim that the Iraqis want us in Iraq. We could leave within a year and they'd be perfectly happy. So what's the problem with ending the war?

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